Stocks and Shares ISA Summary

A penny saved is a Pound earned! Wonder how? Continue reading. It’s a common problem everywhere, you earn and government takes away a large chunk of your hard-earned money as tax. Under such a situation, we look for alternatives to save as much as we can. ISA or individual Savings Account is a place where […]

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Will You Be Able to Retire on Your 60th Birthday?

As each year goes by it becomes increasingly more difficult to retire at an earlier age compared to the generation before. There are many factors working against us such as rising costs and inflation, bad financial advice, volatile stock markets and time itself. Many governments are now increasing the age of when you can retire. […]

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Learn to Enjoy the Tax Advantages Of ISAs

Individual savings accounts (ISAs) provide enormous tax advantages, that every investor must try to utilize in a portfolio. There are two main types of ISAs: mini-ISAs and maxi-ISAs. Every investor can choose between the two; mini-ISAs and maxi-ISAs cannot be combined in the same tax year. There are three kinds of mini-ISAs, all of which […]

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Stocks and Shares ISAs – 5 Things You Need to Know

1. ISAs offer amazing tax advantages Before we consider why you should set up a Stocks and Shares ISA, you might ask why open an ISA at all? The answer is that ISAs are special vehicles set up by the British Government to encourage more saving and investing. They do this by allowing capital and […]

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