• How Do Stocks Join and Leave The FTSE 100 Index?

    The FTSE 100 index is used as the benchmark for measuring the strength of the UK stockmarket, and some commentators have argued it has a natural bias to outperform the wider FT All Share index, because it tends to promote to its ranks those stocks which are in the ascendancy and remove others that are […]

  • The Future of Dogecoin

    What is the future of Dogecoin, now that it has been around for several months and we’ve seen wild fluctuations in prices? Can Dogecoin survive and thrive and make a niche for itself within the crypto-currency space or is it doomed to oblivion? To answer where the future of Dogecoin lies, we first need to […]

  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Bitcoin But Were Afraid to Ask

    Currency – a medium of exchange, nothing more If the day gold died, in what later became known as the Nixon Shock, hasn’t stopped the financial world from spinning, why would currency going digital send shockwaves throughout the global economy? Since the beginning of its existence, money has continually transformed and evolved, but at its […]

  • The Right Path For Trading Success

    When I first entered the markets, I didn’t know which way was up. Even the market I ended up starting with, I was hardly able to articulate what it was. It’s called a contract for difference (CFD) in case you’re wondering. They are not available in the US, but are hugely popular method for trading […]

  • Investing Smart

    Successful investing is smart investing. Investment is all about making the right choices, so that not only are you able to satisfy your immediate needs and requirements, but are also able to ensure the same for the medium and long term future. Just as no two individuals can be exactly the same, the financial needs […]

  • Advantages of CFD Trading and How to Get Started

    CFDs (Contracts For Difference) are a fairly new financial derivative product available to investors. This new financial tool offers investors some key advantages over traditional stock market investments. As a result, CFDs have been rising in popularity, and are now used by individual investors, major institutional investors, and hedge fund managers. Here are some advantages […]

  • What Makes a Good Trader Good?

    Trading is a discipline that requires a lot more than what I can write in one article. However, it is important for you and I to nail down what we lack and to figure what else we need before we get there, which is in line with the theme of continuous development. Right? You see, […]

  • Stock Prices Are At All Time Highs, So What’s Next?

    Major stock markets are near all-time highs. As a matter of fact, as we hit the mid-year mark on June 30, U.S. stocks were up about 6% which continues the bull market into its sixth year since the recession in 2008. Bond investors didn’t do too badly either, so those of us who stuck with […]

  • Best Scalping Strategy For Day Traders

    I’ve listened to several of my local banker buddies talk about trading in general, and scalping in particular. These bankers explain to me that “there is no way to make money day trading” because of excessive risk involved in the enterprise. Not being the most genial fellow on planet earth, I explain to them that […]

  • Algorithmic Trading Strategies

    The stock market is the most volatile investment portfolio so much so that every investor should think twice before entering. With that said, it is also the most lucrative way to increase one’s investment as one can earn triple their invested capital minus any administrative fee and other fees. Mastering the stock market however would […]

  • Why Do Some Traders Win and Some Lose?

    If you have read about the Turtle Traders in the book “The Way of the Turtles”, then you would also agree that it is absolutely possible that any ordinary person can be transformed into a full time trader. The question was “How”. I started trading the financial market out of curiosity, I wanted to be […]

  • Stock Options Vs Stocks

    I often relate the investor education space with the health and fitness business. There are so many gimmicks and fads… preying on those uniformed poor souls who are just trying to improve their lives. The one thing that really ticks me off… is when I read articles or watch the talking heads say that options […]

  • Learn About the Bitcoin Market

    Bitcoin is the digital currency that is used to buy a variety of goods and services all over the world. It works in exactly the same way as paper money but there are some key differences between the two. Bitcoin also exists in physical form but it’s available in digital, the primary form meant for […]

  • Three Benefits of Being an Independent Financial Trader

    When you delve deeply into the financial trading markets, you will discover that there are plenty of opportunities for those who will take the time to learn about the markets and trading strategies. Whilst the independent financial trader lifestyle is not best suited to everyone, many global traders are enjoying the benefits of this freedom. […]

  • What’s Your One Best Trade Idea Right Now?

    Have you ever heard of the poker phrase The Nuts? If you don’t know, it’s the best possible hand on the table… in other words, it’s unbeatable. If you ever play poker and recognize you’ve got the nuts, throwing all your chips in is actually exciting because you know that you can’t be beat. Unfortunately, […]

  • 22/08/2011 – Successful Investing Starts With Research

    Since 2008, the world has faced serious problems. The credit crisis, debt crisis and the U.S. economy right now are all playing havoc with the livelihoods if of Americans and also families and their financial Security. Those that do have money left are looking for areas of opportunity for investment. But it is not an […]

  • 09/08/2011 – Investment in Brazil Warms Up For World Cup

    The 2014 World Cup means big business for Brazilian investments, employment and the economy generally. Latest figures point to economic growth in excess of US$70 billion. As well as one of the world’s most important sporting festivals, the World Cup is a huge money-making machine. 2014 Brazil will be no exception as can be seen […]

  • 11/07/2011 – Day Trading Tips for New or Experienced Online Traders

    Day trading tips for new or experienced online traders are very vital for one to be successful. Anybody who gets into day trading wants to make maximum profits and minimum losses. Although both extremes are possible, with the correct day trading guidelines it will be possible to reap maximum earnings. Come Up With a Specific […]

  • 08/06/2011 – Share Dealing, Convenient And Profitable

    Stock Market Trading is an highly alluring trading area, read informative articles on topics such as Compare Share Dealing at independentinvestor.co.uk. Share dealing is perhaps one of the most convenient ways to invest your hard earned money. It is a driving force of both local and global economies. But in order to find success in […]

  • 11/04/2011 – Trading Psychology Lesson – Impulse Trading

    In this article we’re going to investigate the concept of good and bad trades. We’ll note that good trades are a result of making ‘good trading decisions’ but alas may still have ‘bad outcomes’. Conversely, bad trades are a result of making ‘bad decisions’ and on occasion may actually result in ‘good outcomes’. The trader’s […]

  • 10/04/2011 – Investing Money in 2011-2012 – Stocks Vs Bonds

    Investing money in 2011 and 2012 puts the investor between a rock and a hard place as investing has become more difficult. Investing in stocks has gained favor vs. bonds in recent months. What’s going on, how should you invest, and why do I say investing has become difficult? The stock market just about doubled […]


    y Jovi Overo 25 Jan 2011 UK PRELIMINARY GDP (Q4) AND PUBLIC FINANCES Well, well, well…a shock or did everyone else just overestimate the recovery of the UK? The fourth quarter GDP came out and showed a 0.5% quarterly contraction with the ONS claiming that the unexpected figures was down to the…SNOW! Without it, GDP […]

  • Why World Market Traders Are Switching To Binary Betting From Their Favoured Positions

    It is no coincidence that market traders using instruments such as the world’s major indices have been dramatically switching their investment plans of late. A powerful combination of globally disruptive economic factors is making even hardened of traders twitchy. “Febrile markets” have meant that even the most seasoned of market investors have even been losing […]

  • Scalping Stocks For A Living

    Scalping stocks can provide a means to make a living for individual traders, but definitely should not be assumed easy. Scalping involves making several (or many) trades throughout the day, often only being in a position for a few brief seconds and other times for a few minutes. This type of trading is not for […]

  • Chile: The Underrated Emerging Market

    When investors think of emerging markets, they often think of the BRIC countries of Brazil, India, Russia, and China. The nation of Chile, however, has a lot more going towards it than the recent catastrophe of trapped miners. Chile is an under looked developing economy that has grown to become one of the most stable […]

  • Emerging Markets Offer More Upside But Also More Volatility!

    If you look at the 10 year performance of Emerging Markets and compare that to the 10 year performance of the S&P you might think it would be crazy to be invested in the U.S. market. However, when you look a bit closer you will see that even though emerging markets out-perform on the upside […]

  • Be a High Probability Trader

    Many people enter the stock market for various reasons. For some, they have a 401K retirement account with their job. For others, they have some savings that they accumulated over the years. Which ever way they entered the stock market, they all have the same goal – “Financial Freedom!” Despite brands hopes of financial freedom, […]

  • Opening Exhaustion Gap Basics

    Learning to trade opening gaps is one type of stock trading strategy that many traders wind up looking into and trying, at one point or another in their journey. Since stock trading has an “excitement” factor about it already, opening gaps add even more excitement on top (no pun intended). This is one of the […]

  • Financial Fixed Odds Trading For Limited Risks

    Fixed odds financial trading is a relatively new and potentially profitable way in which profits can be made from the financial markets. It is designed to be both simple to understand and easy to execute, making it particularly suitable for newcomers looking to profit from the financial markets. A unique feature of fixed odds and […]

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