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    Discover the Markets: Trading – GOLD

    For more info: http://www.easymarkets.com The modern day world presents us with an environment which is overly noisy and congested. The international markets are often no different. However, like in life, if you can take the time to clear you head and focus to understand what traded instruments actual are and what drives them, then you […]

  • Why You Should Invest In Gold And How To Do That

    For centuries, gold has always been viewed as a symbol of power and of wealth. You would find them in kings’ palaces and in the house of the wealthy. Surely it would behoove you to know how to invest in gold. Here is what I have to say about that. Why invest in gold? Besides […]

  • Silver in the Aftermath of Fragility

    Despite the persistence of the recovery meme, financial markets are more fragile to risk than ever before. On top of this, witness the slow creep of policy disguised as regulation. It comes for the low hanging fruits. The final labors of society. What lies ahead is a paper blood bath. They are coming for your […]

  • Soybean Decline to End With USDA Supply and Demand Report

    The USDA reports their global Supply and Demand figures this Friday at noon Eastern. This report frequently sets the tone for the rest of the year with the fast and wild action affecting the beans in the bin while the long-term effects play out on the beans in the ground. There’s no denying the seasonal […]

  • Trading the Ratios and Swapping Gold for Silver

    Primary gold investors versus silver investors are not exactly alike. Swapping gold for silver is a trade always worth considering, especially when the ratio blows out as wide as it is now. Portability is one obvious reason for the reverse, as long as premiums match up in the transaction. But the main advantage to this […]

  • Threading the Needle of Price Discovery

    Price discovery in all commodities is an electronic paper affair. While the macro-economy and the geopolitical provide a distant framework, they do not wield significant direct influence. The “discovery issue” occurs across the board, but is nowhere more evident than in the precious metals futures markets and, most notably, silver. A look under the hood […]

  • 08/09/2011 – Bull Market In Gold Over With Double Top?

    A few weeks ago I penned a public article and private forecast for my subscribers calling for a major correction in Gold being due. 72 hours after my forecast, Gold had dropped a stunning $208 per ounce in 3 days catching most by surprise. Why did I forecast a top in Gold then? Why did […]

  • 29/08/2011 – What Could Lie Ahead for the S&P 500 & Gold

    Now that Mr. Bernanke’s speech is old news, what was the financial media thinking exactly? A significant number of financial writers have been anticipating discussion of QE III or QE III Lite which clearly were never even on the Fed Chief’s radar this week. The focus of the Jackson Hole Summit was how to achieve […]

  • 09/08/2011 – Truth Behind A Crude Oil ETF

    A crude oil ETF is a recent entry in the oil investment market that embraces advantages of both long-established commodities futures with a new approach of real-time Internet trading. From newbies to long established oil trading professionals, everyone is searching for methods through which they can access a variety of funds and equities to enrich […]

  • 13/07/2011 – Learning How to Trade the GDX Fibonacci Butterfly

    One of the many useful characteristics of options is that the astute trader can design strategies to capture profit from predicted price action forecasts from a wide variety of technical indicators. I think it is helpful to have knowledge of several approaches to technical analysis in order to recognize patterns that other traders may not […]

  • 07/07/2011 – Oil Prices Will Remain At High Level

    Oil prices established now in the world at the rate of $100-120/barrel are reasonable, said the head of “Lukoil” Vagit Alekperov. World’s oil consumption is growing, especially in South-East Asia. At the same time many deposits are almost exhausted that’s why price cutting is not expected. But the Russian authorities insist on planning the budget […]

  • 23/06/2011 – dollar, gold, silver, oil and the SP500 Mid Week Report

    Thursday June 23rd – Mid Week Report Yesterday was do or die day for stocks and commodities to breakout but they failed once again at resistance. The US Dollar in overnight trading has made a strong move up and that is putting pressure on stocks and commodities. Gold touched a key resistance level yesterday as […]

  • 20/06/2011 – Stock Market Flashing A Buy Signal?

    Since the first trading session in May we have seen the stock market sell off. The old saying “sell in May and go away” was dead on again this year. Here we are 7 weeks later with the stock market continuing to lose ground. This extended sell off has everyone all worked up that this […]

  • 20/06/2011 – Trading Gold and Silver Futures

    If you are looking for a hedge against inflation, a speculative play, an alternative investment class or a commercial hedge, gold and silver futures can be a viable way to meet your needs. Trading in this market involves substantial risks and is not suitable for everyone, and only risk capital should be used because an […]

  • 09/06/2011 – Key Support & Resistance Levels for Financials, SP500, Silver and Gold

    During the past 4 months we have seen the financial sector (banks) under selling pressure. With real estate prices continuing to fall and foreclosures picking up speed again investors have not been that interested in holding bank stocks. And we all know that without the financial sector moving higher we cannot expect the broad market […]

  • 25/05/2011 – The U.S. Dollar’s Impact on the S&P 500, Gold, Silver, & Oil

    In doing some brief reading around the blogosphere I have noticed that most pundits are writing off gold, silver, and oil entirely. In fact, I have even read that the selloff is just beginning in precious metals and energy. In addition to the bearish traders, it seems as though even more traders are expecting some […]

  • 24/05/2011 – Where Now For Gold and Silver?

    David A. Banister – www.MarketTrendForecast.com Well, that was fun wasn’t it gang? A huge drop in silver from $49.75 to the $32 ranges after 8 months of rallying from 19 to near 50. A 150% gain in Silver in eight Fibonacci months, sounds like a pretty overbought situation. Gold in the same time frame lagged […]

  • 18/05/2011 – Is a Stock And Commodity Meltdown About to Take Place

    May 16th, 2011 Here is quick pre-week analysis video explaining what I think could happen in the gold, silver, oil and the stock market. The dollar continues to control the short term movements in both stocks and commodities We are about to see some fireworks across the board in the next few trading sessions and […]

  • 05/05/2011 – Parabolic Moves are Only Temporary for Silver and Gold

    The past few weeks we have been seeing the US Dollar slide to new lows at an increasing rate. The strong devaluation of the dollar has sent precious metals like silver and gold rocketing higher out of control sending them parabolic! During the past 6 weeks both silver and gold have been rising in a […]

  • 12/04/2011 – Is Copper The New Gold?

    Many people invest in precious metal commodities such as gold and silver but not everyone considers non-precious base metals like copper and nickel. Unlike precious metals, the prices of base metals are more related to the health of an economy than emotion or world events. Another appealing thing about investing in base metals as the […]

  • 26/03/2011 – Why Is The World Looking Up To Gold?

    Thanks to the vagaries of the changing economic situation as well as the uncertainty of the financial market, a large number of people have begun to invest in gold. Well, they are using the same sensible investment techniques, followed by their ancestors who considered gold to be one of the steadiest of fixed assets and […]

  • 25/03/2011 – Another Do or Die Point for Equities & Gold – Get Ready!

    Equities and Precious Metals are on the edge of another rally and it could start as early as tomorrow. On March 13th I posted some of my analysis online showing how the market was trading at a key pivot point and that a sharp price movement was about to unfold. I also provided everyone with […]

  • 17/03/2011 – AMGN & The Big Top – A Lesson On Triple Calendar Spreads

    One of the characteristics of option trades that is particularly vexing to the new trader is the almost infinite variation in which individual options can be combined to produce a seemingly infinite array of choices. These combinations of the various individual options are more than a theoretical exercise; each individual combination often produces a unique […]

  • 13/03/2011 – It’s Do or Die Week for Equities and Gold

    The past couple weeks have been choppy in the equities market. While the strong intraday moves are great for day traders, it is extremely difficult for swing/position traders who normally hold positions for 3-60 days in length, which is my focus with this newsletter. That being said, we are reaching a do or die point […]

  • 10/03/2011 – Gold & Equities on the Verge of Breaking Out!

    The past couple weeks we have seen strong distribution selling in the equities market followed by equally large days of buying. These buying and selling frenzies have formed a sideways consolidation. Intraday movements have been sizable and more than enough to shake those trying to pick a direction early out of the market a few […]

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